AirportKeeper, a solution designed for ground handlers

Optimize your decision-making and anticipate unforeseen events for a more efficient management of your operations.

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Increase efficiency

Continuously receive up-to-date arrival estimates and optimize touchdown operations.

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Reduce delays

Be informed and inform in real time of the events impacting the initial course of operations and adjust them effectively.


Communicate instantly

Communicate through the AirportKeeper chat and improve synchronization with all stakeholders in your operations.

Features designed for you

Discover the main features adapted to your needs

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Flights list

Synchronize your operations with flights

Receive all up-to-date estimated landing time and estimated in block time information for each flight on the flight list and synchronize your operations accordingly.


Access AirportKeeper wherever you are

Provide real-time flight information update (TOBT, AOBT, AIBT) through any media connected to the Internet and improve knowledge of stakeholder block operations. Easy to learn, optimize the organization of pending operations with AirportKeeper.

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Instant messaging

Communicate instantly with airport members

Communicate via instant messaging with all stakeholders of your operations and keep a record of events that have occurred during the day.

Communicate simply, in an unlimited and asynchronous way with the members of your airport.

Adverse conditions/unforeseen event detection

Be alerted in case of unforeseen event

Receive real-time alerts and be informed of events impacting the aircraft rotation schedule: TOBT, CTOT_WAIT, LATE_ARRIVAL.

Easily customize your alerts, notify others in case of unforeseen events and update block departure information.

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Very good tool in work planning

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